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Message from John E Mack
This message was channeled through Veronica
My life has been filled with controversy. I went against all that was the norm and I paid a very high price in standing up for truth. I lost my family and all that I held dear to me. All I can say now is that I am sorry for all that I have put you through, but I truly believed in what I was doing, and now, with all the knowledge I have acquired from this side of life, stand up and say, categorically, that I was right in all that I wrote. I have explored, since I came to the World of Spirit, other planets, and I was right in the beliefs I held.

My wife Sally, was made to choose between me and a separate life with our children. I know how it pained her to do so, but such pressure was placed on her, it was difficult for her to stand by me — she had our children to protect.

My love for Sally still goes on. I missed her more than she will ever know. I paid a very hard price for my beliefs. I hope in the World of Spirit that Sally and I will be reunited for eternity.
Trish, my dear and faithful friend — always there for me in all that we've been through. She has had such a hard time since my passing, my heart goes out to her. I look forward to working together with her when she joins me in this wonderful World of Spirit, which was beyond even my wildest dreams. To be able to be, and see, all that is happening, anywhere and everywhere, is beyond anything you can comprehend in your world. I've met so many people, Lawrence — how I would love to rewrite that book, again, knowing what I know now. He was a deeply spiritual man but I did not understand that then. Veronica tried to help me to understand Spirit. I was looking forward to working with her and Monty, and they turned the tables, and now I work with Monty, and it is exciting to be able to bring information to your world — so many charlatans in your world pretending to communicate — they will be flushed out — we are working on it, right now.
We must stand up for truth and honesty — too many people jumping on the bandwagons. It’s so hard to watch it from here — we were not aware of it when we were on Earth.

I will try to communicate as often as I can. This is my first attempt working like this and I am grateful to Veronica for her unstinting support to Monty and I — we, in the Network, are deeply grateful.
Please bear with me, I'm the new boy on the block but I am a quick learner.

My love goes out to all of you, I watch over you and try to help whenever it is possible. Always remember I am there for you.


Note: Personal messages have been omitted. I, Veronica Keen, have Trish and Danny Mack's permission to publish this information on the MKF website.
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