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Recorded 3½ months after Montague's death

Friends, well here you all, are gathered together in my name. You’ve come from different parts of the country and some from abroad, and I should imagine that the last thing that you expected was for me to be speaking to you from beyond the grave. Well, it is that, that I am doing. Today’s date is 16 May 2004 and we have gathered in the very same room that I passed to this different state of existence. There are some of you here who were there on my day of passing. I would like to beg your forgiveness if you suffered any stress on my account. Of course, I had no stress, I quickly passed from one state of being to another.

At this séance that is being conducted for me, to be able to talk to you this day, I have gathered some people close to me to witness this communication. I have brought Guy Lyon Playfair, and Robin and Sandra Foy. Please say hello, my friends, so that they know that you are here. “Hello, this is Guy here”. “This is Robin and Sandra”. Now, I’m sure you can hear them, my friends, so they can bear witness to this communication that is taking place. Now, there are some people here today that, although they were my friends, they did not necessarily believe in my work and my philosophy. But let me tell you this, my friends, the day that comes when you pass from this vibration, you will see without any doubt, as I have seen myself, that the human soul exists after the demise of the physical body.

I would say also, that those amongst you who may sometimes be of a sceptical mind, to open your minds greater to the concept of the continuity of the human soul outside of that of the normal realms of understanding. There are many forms of manifestation of the spirit dimension that take place. There are many manifestations that occur without the knowledge of you as you sit within this room for communication to take place, within this séance that I am speaking within now. I have had many joyful years, and to my dear Veronica, I thank you for being my companion, my friend, and my grounding. You, my dear, meant more to me than you could know. Yes, we had some good times and, yes, sometimes not as good. But of course, we were together, and don’t my dear, let anybody tell you any different. It is me and nobody else. Now, my friends, I would beseech you to open up your minds and your hearts to that which you do not always know or see and look more earnestly at the possibility of the continuity of life.

I can not stipulate anymore. I, through my experimentation, by the kind permission of Robin and Sandra Foy, was able to be party to the Scole Experiments. There are many people, some amongst you, who did not believe in what took place. Well, my friends, I experienced it from the Earth side of life as I have now been privileged to experience and meet those on the spirit side of life in connection with the Scole Experiment. As well with this young man and the Hamist circle, I was fortunate enough prior to my passing to be able to come and visit the Hamist circle at the very same venue that I am at, this afternoon, and I was able to witness manifestations, not the same, but on an equal level of that of the Scole Experiment. Albeit different types of manifestation but all of the same level. And, my friends, I will tell you this, that quite often people that give of themselves are ridiculed for what they do and what the believe, and I myself, even at times, dismissed and ridiculed, not necessarily ridiculed but dismissed, certain people for what they believed was to be right. Let me tell you this, I myself reflected a great deal when I passed to the World of Spirit and I found that it was quite amazing, really quite amazing, yes quite amazing. I will leave you with those words, my friends, that have gathered here today. God speed and always be of open mind. And to my dearest, dearest Veronica, I love you from the bottom of my heart, from the spirit side of life my love goes on. God bless you, my dear, and my friends, good afternoon and have a pleasant day.

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