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We held a red light séance at Albert's home in Slough on Saturday, 2nd February. Present were Albert, Veronica, Janet, Ann and myself (Mark Dinan). A red light séance involves each of the circle taking their turn to sit in a dim red light in an otherwise darkened room whilst the rest of the group watches to see if they are overshadowed by a spirit who hopefully will try to communicate. We each tried with varying degrees of success. Albert went into trance and one of his guides conveyed several bits of information to me that nobody in the room could possibly have known.

The most interesting moment came when Veronica took her turn to sit in the cabinet under the red light. Her features were quite quickly overshadowed by a male face who began to speak. He identified himself as Veronica's late husband, Monty. I engaged him in conversation and was surprised by the fact that his personality was so different from the one I had built up in my mind (I never met Monty but had heard a great deal about him). This deeply validated the experience for me, in a way that's hard to explain in words. We asked him various questions and he affirmed much of what he had said in Veronica's automatic writing. He was emphatic that the new building would become a reality this year and that it would be in central London. I asked him questions about the future direction of the Foundation and he told me that Veronica's grandson, Alexander, would eventually take over, but would not get involved yet. He said many mediums would get involved and that I, myself, would be one of several spokesmen for the Foundation. I also asked him about the legal problem his wife was having over his will. He looked sad and worried and said "I failed to protect her". He said the problem could only be solved by a lawyer.

Whilst the séance was in progress, two tape recorders were running for the entire period. They recorded everything except Veronica's turn in the cabinet, when the recording was somehow blocked on both of them. Whilst this was annoying, it did provide supporting evidence for paranormal communication. Albert mentioned that this type of thing has happened at other séances.

Mark Dinan

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Montague Keen appears at séance. A report by Mark Dinan.