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On previous occasions, when I was overshadowed by Monty, I would talk with him. He would cuddle me. It was always very difficult to leave him and that was obvious to all present. On Saturday, 2nd February, I sat in the chair. Monty was waiting, arms outstretched. I went to him. He held me close. Suddenly I was conscious of standing behind my body. I was aware of my body sitting on the chair in front of me. I was not aware of the questions that were being asked and answered. Albert, Janet, Mark and Ann, all asked questions, and all were answered clearly. This took everyone by surprise. They did not bother to try to remember the questions, as it was being taped. Everything before me and after me, is on the two tapes. I was so disappointed. Monty pointed out in last week's writing that he did not wish it to be taped, as it was a first attempt.

It was the most amazing experience. I look forward, and will be better prepared, next time. I would like to point out that though the main light was out, we could see quite clearly, as all around "the chair" was very well lit.

My husband was always full of surprises. He excelled himself this time. I am so proud of him.

Veronica Keen

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