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This may help people to understand just what sort of a person Montague Keen was.

No one knew who we were at this séance. I have the video and the tape. You can imagine our surprise when the communicating Spirit said: I wish if I may, to speak to Mr Keen.

Monty: I am all ears.

The Spirit: You have been instrumental in bringing a great deal of information to a great number of people. You have the mind that is best for researching, for analyzing, for bringing enlightenment to people who do not understand the level of information they are receiving. We wish to inform you that we will endeavour to bring to your attention via a colleague of yours, some facts, not guesses, not perhaps, but factual information that those who have received the information from the Spirit World will reject as nonsensical. It is only through your understanding that this information will be made useful.

Monty: Thank you very much, I appreciate that.

The Spirit: We wish you also to understand that we are currently endeavouring to bring a great deal of information in Attic Greek to a certain individual, who at the moment is fearful of the inspiration he is receiving. This is an undeveloped medium whom we will endeavour to bring to your attention.

Monty: Thank you. I shall polish up my Attic Greek.

The Spirit: We wish you to understand that although you have endured difficulty with your career, that the way you respond to people is beautiful. You have never for one moment become destructive – in thought, in word or in deed. You have constantly shown tolerance and love. We wish to state quite categorically that you are an individual with great spirituality, genuine spirituality that is not masked. You are, as you appear. This is one of the most important things that anyone can ever learn from the experience of life on the Earth plane. You do not wear a mask, kind sir. You are as you appear. Your work is by no means over. We will endeavour to bring these things to you.

This is exactly how I saw my husband. He was quite unique. I felt privileged to know him in this world and devote the rest of my life to serving him. I decided to share this excerpt from a séance with you, to help you to know the kind of man that Montague Keen was.

Veronica Keen

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How Spirit saw Montague Keen