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I was delighted and excited when John Mack called me some weeks ago to ask me to spend time with him to discuss the communications from my husband, Montague Keen. John became very interested in the afterlife communications of his friend, Dr Elizabeth Targ. He was amazed he had gone through his life without seriously looking at the subject. He was so looking forward to exploring it with me, he intended returning to London to do this.

On Thursday 23rd September, we spent a very interesting day at the Farmers Club, discussing why some people are able to communicate and others not. We talked on a soul level. We just knew we would work well together. It really was so exciting. Dr Robert Trossel joined us for lunch and he blended in so naturally with John. At one stage, as I walked across the lounge towards John and Robert, I saw Monty, my husband, instead of John and as I got close it became John again. That felt quite strange. When I dropped John off at Paddington, he said, "Veronica, I’ve had a really wonderful day. Thank you so much. I will call you over the weekend" (which he did several times). It was a very special day for the three of us.

John returned to my home on Monday morning. Dr Rupert Sheldrake invited us to lunch. My friend Phyllis, joined us. She is also a psychiatrist. I had never seen John Mack so happy and relaxed as on this visit to London. The afterlife was again discussed; it was as though he had just discovered it all by himself. My grandson, Alexander, came to Rupert’s to meet John. He, too, is researching the subject.

Phyllis accompanied John to his first appointment at 6pm. He then went on to meet one of his financial advisors for dinner. He said he would return about 11pm. I waited and worried, tried calling his cellphone and at 2.30am the police came and told me of the accident. Then I had the terrible task of breaking the news to his family. He passed over to the spirit world at 11.25pm.

On Tuesday morning, he communicated with Barbara through Eugine at a business meeting. There was business advice for Barbara, and a message for me, though Barbara or Eugene did not know me. He said, "He had to make a heart connection with me, so that he could continue his work and that I must write the books."

On Thursday, 30th September, we had a séance at my home. Barbara and Eugene were present. Monty brought John through, he said Monty showed him how to communicate. He was quite happy and excited. There was advice for us, it’s all on tape. He and Monty will work together.

On Monday, I had a call from a friend and colleague of John's in America. John gave her the names of two mediums that he will communicate through. This is not the end of John Mack. We can expect great things from him. His new life has just begun.

It was an honour and a privilege for me to have this great man as a friend and I know that he will continue to be part of my life through communication from him and Montague.

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Veronica’s message at John Mack’s cremation