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A Message to Veronica
Dear Veronica,

Since you were the one left behind, it is you who are having an increasingly tough time to test your strength and total commitment to the path you and Monty have chosen together, right at the beginning of both your many incarnations.
Monty repeatedly assures you of his infinite love and how he is pleased with your remarkable progress. Seems he really understands your many difficulties and knows he must proceed quite slowly — to unfold all the remarkable things that are going on in our world.
Have you seriously read Monty’s messages to you lately? Slowly but surely he is arranging for information to be imparted to us, adding to what you already learnt directly from him (and about him) — when he was alive?
Very difficult for any of us to actually get our heads round and take it all in, of course.
There are already an enormous amount of articles and material to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest.
Perhaps you need to put some special time on one side to be able to deal with all this?
Indeed, Monty has already pointed out on several occasions just recently:
We live in a totally corrupt world, — change has got to happen.
This is the dark side of human nature and no doubt much the same as it ever has been — literally, even before the Egyptians invaded Babylon. [Read Psalm 137!] It most probably seems much worse because there are far more people on the planet for one thing, inflation and the technological changes are directly responsible and now the media puts all this right on our doorstep.
Civilisation generally is well known to have ‘gone wrong’ after the death of the last of the Priest Kings (Akhenaton) in 1400 bc, following the dramas of Lemuria and Atlantis, since when the corrupt priests (Amun) took control again, and the whole of civilisation has suffered ever since.
Hence, take a look at the predictions of the (original) Book of Revelations? [You have a copy].
When he was a ‘hu-man’ being, even Monty was not perfect, all the time, during his development period — hu-man nature being what it is! Otherwise he would not have misjudged the S debacle for example and hence, would have seen it ahead of time for what it has become.
Monty pleads with you to be more rested and reminds us that you and he are ‘one’ — he wants you to stop worrying, to relax and find ways to enjoy yourself, perhaps with your family?
Maybe you should have a proper break to reduce stress?
We all have to be patient! Look back over the last 12 months and view the enormous progress you have made — in so many unexpected and different directions?
Speaking for myself, there is no need to question our allegiance — the few who can succeed in remaining involved in the MKF are right behind you.
Monty has repeatedly promised that he will manifest himself and then, everyone will be free to contact higher dimensions without the need for an intermediary medium.
The fact that we are planning the creation of the first Cosmic Portal will allow advanced scientific information to come through as predicted, and this will open up and overtake the current extra-terrestrial problems now beginning to be exposed by Edgar Mitchell the astronaut, currently in the news here, and in America. It is simply a matter of Time.
Have no fear. Everything really is unfolding — like the thousand petals of a lotus flower.

Best, Peter
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