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Rupert Sheldrake was instrumental in bringing Montague and I together and he was there at his passing. He is an honourable man — a man of courage. Montague was concerned when Rupert lost his funding and he told me to call Rupert to tell him to apply for the Perrott-Warwick award. Rupert told me on many occasions that it would be a waste of his time — they never give it to people not connected to a university. Montague would not take no for an answer and kept asking me to call Rupert, which I did. Eventually I had to put pressure on him — I told him Montague would go on until he did it. So he applied for it and got it. I was the first person he called when he opened the letter, he was delighted. It was my husband's way of saying thank you to him.

We need people of Rupert's calibre, who are prepared to stand-up for what they know to be true. He is a good man and I wish him success in all that he does. Now I ask you, IS THIS EVIDENCE?

(Rupert Sheldrake has given Veronica his permission to publish this note).

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Rupert Sheldrake and Montague