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I am not here to prove anything to anyone – I am simply stating what happened and what continues to happen in my life since my husband passed to the World of Spirit on 15th January, 2004. I do not intend to get into arguments with anyone or to get involved in the nit-picking I have observed over the years on websites, etc. The reason my husband chose “Love, Truth and Simplicity” is because the world is so filled with hate and greed. You only have to look around you now to see it. That’s got to change.

Truth, well what a casualty that has become. It has been twisted out of all recognition. We must stand up for truth and honesty – too many people jumping on bandwagons and it’s so hurtful for Montague and the network to see what’s going on. The World of Spirit is in the process of bringing them down and it saddens me that people who were blessed with good brains should have turned out so dishonest and corrupt.

Simplicity. Montague wants the public – the man on the street – to know and to understand life and the afterlife and where their loved-ones are and I must take every opportunity to pass on information. The scientific world knows already and has not shared it. That is why he speaks in simple terms now.

There is so much in our world that is bad and it’s more important than ever for people to understand the importance of love – something that has been forgotten in the pursuit of money – greed abounds.

Immediately after my husband’s passing and while still in shock, I was surrounded by sharks in all guises, all trying to take from me. I had to be strong to stand up to it. I was not used to dealing with people like that. My husband guided and advised me; believe me, he does not miss anything. Then there was a concerted effort to destroy my character on websites and in lectures around the world. My husband cannot understand why so-called intelligent people accepted without question all that was said. It was deeply shocking.

As you see, I am still here and the M.K.F. will continue its work in the world long after I join my beloved husband, Montague Keen.

I know many of you were a little dismissive at my husband’s cremation when I said I would continue his work. You were not aware of the solemn and binding pact we had made that we would communicate and bring as much information as is possible and we would continue the work. The bond of love between us is as great today as on the day we married. We are truly soul mates. He was the love of my life. There was never a dull moment when he was here — nor is there now, and he never fails to surprise me. He was the most honest of men — he enriched the lives of everyone he came in contact with. He will never be forgotten.

Veronica Keen

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