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My husband and I would like, once and for all, to state quite categorically that HE DID NOT HAVE A HEART ATTACK when he passed to Spirit. English Law requires when you die in a public place, you have to be declared dead at the Hospital your body is taken to. I was at my husband’s side when he died and I went to the Hospital in the ambulance with him. There was a Post Mortem. They could not find a cause of death and so they had to put Conerary Artery Disease (operated) which he had several years earlier, even though he recovered completely from it and was extremely well, as those who spoke to him that night will verify. The Hospital had to put something, and at that time, I was in a state of shock and so agreed.

Now I ask you to look again at all those "EXPERTS" who gave details of my husband's "HEART ATTACK". Can we trust anything they say, if they get things so terribly wrong? They created a scenario that did not happen, to suit their own purposes. Monty has explained his death so often. The Spirit World decided to take him in a public place. It would have to be dramatic so it would be remembered. Look at what he said on the
24th Dec. I have the film of my husband’s death as the discussion was filmed.

I want all those people who say my husband had a heart attack, to remove it from their websites. At my husband’s request, I trademarked his name and I hold the copyright to all his work and everything to do with him. Every day I see people trying to cash in on his name. It is disgusting, the dishonesty of those people is upsetting to Montague and I.

Please take a look at Montague’s Death Certificate, below.

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