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Montague Accurately predicts Eileen’s death

Item added May 26th, 2007

On the 13th May, Monty told me to prepare for my sister Eileen's death. Her sons David and Tommie and her daughter Joyce insisted it would not happen, they were not going there and I should not travel to Ireland either, it would be a wasted journey. Monty on the other hand kept telling me to go, that I should be there. As I left for the Airport I got a call, Eileen had passed over only hours before I got to Ireland. While there Joyce reminded me that Monty had said Eileen would die in May, I had forgotten that, it is on a tape.

The conclusion must be that Spirit know when death will occur, Monty tried to warn me of John Mack’s death also but I did not understand what was being shown and told to me then, it was too soon after Montys passing. I ask again,
is this evidence?

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