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Montague and the case of Lady Prudentia Trentham

Item added June 24th, 2007

Yesterday, Saturday 23rd June, we received this email from David Smith who was working with Montague on a research project just before he passed away.

"I have only just this evening discovered this site, I am most interested in making a very meaningful contribution, Monty, god bless him. I was very privileged to know him, he was a warm and wonderful individual, the likes of which only appear once in 500 years, I value most greatly his honest and deeply investigative research into the case of Lady Prudentia Trentham, nee Eyre of Hassop and her extraordinarily detailed communications on my computers. Seriously interested parties into this remarkable phenomena are very welcome to contact me as the only direct communicant with her ladyship by computer screensaves. Only serious enquiries please, academics and serious researchers only. This is a clinical investigation to validate and recognise Monty's invaluable contribution to a very important and often sneered at area of paranormal research."

Dave Smith

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