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Knife Attack on Dr Rupert Sheldrake.
Wednesday, the 3rd of April, 2008

Item added April 6th, 2008

I was deeply shocked and upset on Friday morning to learn of the terrible attack on Rupert Sheldrake. Those who know Rupert will know he is one of the kindest and more importantly, the MOST HONEST of MEN. I feel privileged to have him as a friend.

When I called Jill, his wife, she told me the attacker was going for his heart, but fortunately Rupert stood up. He is a tall man and so the stab wound is on his thigh. It just missed his femoral artery by 1 inch. Maximum damage was done, as it was a hara-kiri knife. Rupert bled profusely and the doctors had to operate. They removed a blood clot the size of a tennis ball. Irreparable muscle damage has been done and it will be at least one year before he will walk properly again. Walking on Hampstead Heath was one of the great joys in his life. It's a great place to think and to be at one with nature.

Rupert has played a very important role in my life. I used to give dinner parties to discuss the paranormal. We invited Rupert. He was unable to come due to prior engagements. He asked if Montague could come in his place. We were guests of Rupert the night Monty passed to Spirit. I went in the ambulance with Monty's body. Rupert followed in a taxi with my grandson. He stayed with us until they persuaded me to leave. He enjoyed being at my husband's Irish Wake and he spoke at his funeral.

He has been a good friend to me and whenever I have interesting people staying with me, we go to Rupert's for lunch. I promise you, visiting Rupert's home is something people never forget. Whether it is Prof John Mack discussing his "new found interest" in the afterlife or Michael Melish discussing Cold Fusion, Rupert loves meeting interesting people. The wonderful energy he and his delightful wife, Jill, and his sons, Merlyn and Cosmo, have created in their home, is a joy to share.

Rupert is in hospital, St Vincent Regional Medical Centre, Sante Fe. I ask all those who read my website to please send your prayers to Rupert for a speedy recovery, so he can return to his family and friends in London. He is a man who is loved and respected by many throughout the world.

Update, Sunday April 6, 2008:

I have just spoken with Rupert Sheldrake. To the amazement of the doctors at the hospital in Sante Fe, Rupert insisted on standing with a frame and practised moving about. He gave a talk as planned. Over 500 people were there to listen. He said he felt such a surge of love and healing, he asked that I thank everyone for their prayers. This is surely evidence of the power of prayer. He said the doctors from the hospital came to his talk. They did not think he would be able to stand for some weeks. He is now going to the home of Dr Larry Dossey, who will look after him, and he still wants to go to the conference in Tucson as planned. We must keep him in our prayers. I look forward to seeing him back in London with his family.


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