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You can use Paypal to make a donation towards the proposed new Centre for the Foundation.
Any financial contribution you are able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

As of the 23/4/15 there are 81,153.40 Euros in the Foundation account.

Those of you who were disconcerted by the misinformation put about by the trolls, and who asked for their contributions to be returned, have now had their donations returned.

I thank those who understand the importance of the Centres and who stand by me and our plans for the future. When TRUTH is revealed and understood, when all that is DARK is out in the open and removed, we must start again with a clean sheet to structure a world that will benefit all of humanity. These changes are now becoming visible to many of you; it cannot be stopped. Please help us to make it as problem free as possible.

I am deeply touched and grateful to all of you who wish to be part of this great adventure.