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The spotlight of consciousness is a sunlight by itself.
Viewers to this website may have realised by now, that the current Montague-Veronica phenomena demonstrates conclusively the real existence of an afterlife; Hence the persistence of some form of higher consciousness, which can be accessible to anyone throughout the cosmos.
Such phenomena alongside others such as remote viewing, near death experiences (NDE), crop circles and so on, still remain unexplained — that is, according to today’s conventional sciences.
However when taking a closer look at this MKF website, clearly Monty himself was an unconventional researcher during his lifetime and a real pioneer, into a completely scientific approach to such phenomena.
Not content with hearsay evidence, Monty took active steps culminating in the orchestrated Scole Experiments, of which he was the founder chairman — well documented here.
A few scientists in the past have stepped forward into a more psychic approach and attempted to produce physical effects, including a team at The Stamford Research Institute in America involving key researchers, who conducted various experiments pre the millennium, where instructions how to do so were received from: ‘intelligences other than our own’. They were told for example:
What you have been groping toward with some real certainty was that there must be a parapsychological dimension that can throw definite floodlights on the new horizons of science. This went on:
Parapsychology if you want to accept it as a science, has to be impersonal, it has to be methodological, it has to achieve an increment in human knowledge; it has to give really the right lead to the present human mind.

Later they said:
The leap is not in the dark, but in the light . . .  to experience knowledge is a timeless experience.
The spotlight of consciousness is a sunlight by itself.
To our view, the cosmic ray energy is more fundamental than the solar systems themselves

They were also given a repeat of the famous Lorentz equation, called by Herman Minkowkski (he was Einstein’s teacher) in 1908, a “gift from above”.
In terms of Cosmic Ray Energy, this brings us right up to date with the recent announcement by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in America:
NASA detects “heartbeat” of cosmic radiation, emitted from blackholes. 15 December, 2011.
They say nothing happens by chance and one thing leads to another. That two scientists, Johnny Mack a psychiatrist and Rupert Sheldrake, the renowned biologist, who actually introduced Monty and Veronica to each other in the first place before they become close friends, undoubtedly must speak for itself.
Rupert Sheldrake is in the forefront again with his latest book whilst appearing in a video on Youtube, on this website. Over the years Rupert has introduced and developed revolutionary ideas about morphic resonance, otherwise referred to as morphic causation.
Recently this has been picked up by William Brown, MSc., a molecular biologist whose extensive work, following several leads from well-known scientists, has led to his extensive research and hence to the treatise: Morphic Resonance and Quantum Biology (for references see below).
He speaks of the aether and the implicate order, previously predicted by David Bohm (the physicist), who introduced the idea of Hidden Harmonics in quantum physics or, a quantum harmonic oscillator, in turn implying some form of fine structure constant (~1/137), already well known to physicists.
Of the morphic resonance theories expounded by Sheldrake, he says this closely models the processes of nature and when understood, becomes self-evident.
Living organisms are quantum biological systems that interface with the fundamental fabric of reality. Their DNA acts as a fractal antennae which can receive and transducer  zero point energy, allowing more direct interaction with the Field.
He introduces four-dimensional space-time patterns of electric activity, leading us to “thoughts”, which exist as ideas within the morphogenetic field, pointing towards the higher mind.
Later on Brown tells us that consciousness is not produced by physical phenomena: it is primary and fundamental to all of existence.
Referring to the work of Roger Penrose the eminent mathematician who has worked with Stuart Hameroff, there is introduced the new concept of the quantum superposition of wave functions in microtubules in the brain. This can allow for immediate transfers of information within different dimensions.
Interestingly he refers to gamma oscillations, sweeping through the brain back and forth, 40 times a second, which corresponds exactly with the pulses labelled “heartbeats”, emanating from black holes, just confirmed by NASA.
Increases in such sources as cosmic rays will cause an increase in the amount of actively transposing DNA elements.
Information is transmitted through the quantum wave function that is superimposed between two discrete levels of reality — space-time and hyperspace — allowing the exchange of information between the two levels.
There is a light-encoded filament, which is the information-carrying strand of DNA!
In terms of maths, Brown speaks of quantum entangled states that may be responsible for holding the very DNA molecule together and only then, with the bonding of DNA sufficient to maintain the double helix.
Hence he says: it is a meaningfully designed tapestry masterpiece with constant periodicity in the pattern of the tandem repeats.
In summary, William Browns paper, Morphic Resonance and Quantum Biology, is a masterpiece of new scientific ideas by a molecular biologist, well worth a study by those interested and willing to look more closely, even scientifically, into the true nature of  the working of consciousness, throughout higher dimensions.
This is a ‘must’ for the new breed of parapsychologists!
For additional information there is appended a list of a few source books, directly related to these new ideas by other scientists using different disciplines, which may need to be taken into account, when completing the cosmic picture.
William Brown ends with these words:
Life and consciousness are infinite and eternal, and only ever change form but never cease.

Peter Welsford, Copyright© April, 2012.

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Peter Welsford.
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see the MKF website.
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The Light-Encoded DNA Filament and Biomolecular Quantum Communication (PDF)
William Brown.
The C.G. Jung Institute, founded in 1948, would have had the challenge of scientific research with regard to the topic of the union of modern physics with depth psychology Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung looked for.
Psychovision: Depth Psychologist Remo F Roth, PhD. The content of this research should be an extended view of synchronicity, which - on the bases of symbolically extended quantum physical concepts - includes telepathy and psychokinesis as well. The hypothesis of the unified psychophysical reality should be the background for the explanation of these phenomena as well as a new scientific interpretation of the energy principle as a "fluid" or "watery" yang/yin bipolarity.

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