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The Montague and Veronica Keen Foundation
Dedicated to love, truth and simplicity
Clearing All Enslaving Mind Processes.pdf Take Back Your Power.pdf The Afterlife Investigations
Montague Keen
In what was to be his last major interview, Montague Keen explains the origins of the Society for Psychical Research, which is based in London, England.

Montague’s message in other languages

David Icke
A selection of videos by David which make it clear that this is a time of massive change. See his site: www.davidicke.com
David Icke
Michael Tsarion
The prominent alternative historian, Michael Tsarion, reveals the astonishing hidden story of the Irish origins of civilisation.
This YouTube video shows the first part of this amazing history. Available in high quality as a set of 6 DVDs, it can be purchased, along with his books, on his website: michaeltsarion.com
Other websites by Michael Tsarion are listed here.
Multimedia and Audio Recordings
Listen here to a number of remarkable recordings made of Montague Keen in communication from ‘the other side’.
The Creation of Fear
The late Professor John Mack of Harvard Medical School, speaks about the sinister manipulation of societies by governments.
Peter Welsford Analysis
A writer and researcher on the science of phenomena and hidden harmonics, super-strings and space-time in higher dimensions.
Veronica Keen Interview
The wife of Montague Keen, the prominent psychical investigator, details his death and ongoing contact from ‘the other side’.
Rupert Sheldrake
Richplanet interviews the biologist and author, Rupert Sheldrake.
Do minds extend beyond brains?
Multimedia 2 Interview by Alan Steinfeld Rupert Sheldrake Interview Peter Welsford Analysis
Veronica Keen interviews Gilad Atzmon
Israeli-born jazz saxophonist and writer, Gilad Atzmon, comments on the purpose of his popular new book,
The Wandering Who?
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Afterlife Investigations
Four scientific investigations into life after death. One of these was the Scole Experiment, for which Montague Keen was the leading investigator.


My grateful thanks go to all who have so kindly sent donations to help me complete my mission. I resisted asking for help for many years. Now, I no longer have a choice. I need your help to enable me to do what is asked of me. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw the response of those who are with me in my quest for truth and light. May the God of Truth and Light guide us and protect us all.

Veronica Keen

Miles Johnston Interview (Part 1)
The popular YouTube broadcaster, Miles Johnston, reveals some of his insights into the strange reality in which we live.
Interview with Gilad Atzmon Interview with Tony Kilvert (Pt 1)
Take Back Your Power!
On Sunday, September 30th 2012, at 3PM around the “Lia Fail” at Tara, where 1,500 years earlier, St Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, a most significant event took place. A group of people, of their own free will, renounced their baptismal vows and proclaimed their personal sovereignty. To appreciate the significance of this historic proclamation of personal sovereignty, it is necessary to understand what baptism really is, and how it affects those who were baptised.

Your free will choice and Your Sovereignty (Supreme Power) are your birth right.
Nobody, no religion, institution or temporal power has the right to enslave you, subvert or deny your sovereignty.
It is your sacred right to assert and proclaim your sovereignty.

How to

Clearing All Enslaving
Mind Processes
and Disengaging from
Energetic Attacks

Miles Johnston
Interview (Part 2)
In this follow up interview, a year after the original, Miles talks about the phenomenon of Sentient Fluid and further developments with the AMMACH project.
Ireland Makes a Stand!
Read these two documents
to see how the people of Ireland
have challenged the banks,
the Church,
the Police and the Military.
Let these important documents
act as a example
to the rest of the world
that the bullying of powerful institutions
will no longer be tolerated.
Exposing the Dreamworld
This event was recorded at London’s Wembley Arena in front of an audience of thousands and watched live by tens of thousands worldwide on the internet.
Buy the DVD here.
Miles Johnston Interview (Pt 2)
The Galactic Historian
What is the long-term history
of the Earth and its inhabitants?
Lance White in an extended interview with Andrew Bartzis.
The Galactic Historian (Pt 1)
Andrew Bartzis in a 2hr 20min conversation recorded 30 March 2013.
Project Ley Lines
Restoring the Earth’s Grid
The Montague Keen Foundation encourages your participation in the new project to rectify damage done to the planet’s ley lines.
Project Ley Lines
Miles Johnston
Interview (Part 3)
His latest interview concerns the Sasquatch. Later, details of the forthcoming summer conference
in Marlborough, Wiltshire.
www.the basesproject.org
Interview with Harald Kautz-Vella
An Interview with
Harald Kautz-Vella
While at the 2015 Bases Conference in Wiltshire this summer, Veronica Keen spoke to Harald about his research on many subjects.
Harald Kautz-Vella
and Veronica Keen (Pt 1)
Filmed in London after their return from the 2015 Bases Conference, this is the first part of a two part discussion covering health.
Harald and Veronica (Part 1) Miles Johnston Interview (Pt 3)
Harald Kautz-Vella
and Veronica Keen (Pt 2)
The second part of the London interview with Harald concerns the nature of the parasitic entity that can infect personal relationships.
Harald and Veronica (Part 2) Interview with Tony Kilvert (Pt 1) Interview with Tony Kilvert (Pt 2)
An Interview with
Tony Kilvert (Part 1)
Bringing forward 2,182 views from its previous location, this interview, previously in separate parts, can now be seen as a complete whole.
An Interview with
Tony Kilvert (Part 2)
Bringing forward 1,201 views from its previous location, this interview, previously in separate parts, can now be seen as a complete whole.